Saturday, May 19, 2012

Bon Appetit!

Thank you! I started this blog two years ago, the same month I quit my full time job at Microsoft to be a stay at home mom. I love cooking and I needed a hobby as I am a person who really needs to stay busy, less I start bouncing off the walls. I am finally fully settled into this stay at home gig; a friend told me it would take two years and she was right.

In two years...

I've learned what I know about cooking (a lot!) and what I don't know (a lot more!). I received some great comments and emails from my readers and feedback from friends.  I realized that salad really is my all time favorite food. I was sent a very interesting cookbook from a publisher that I still haven't cooked from as the recipes all take three days.

My kids are my customers in the kitchen and I have become increasingly suspicious that my daughter was secretly swapped with a baby of French descent. She asks me for fresh mint leaves in her (freshly squeezed only please) lemonade. She loves brie and all sorts of stinky cheeses that would make some people faint. She loves braised meats and beans. Ranch dressing and sandwiches? Definitely not her thing but some of my son's favorite foods.

I have realized that as much as I love cooking, my favorite part is seeing the people I love enjoy the food I make.

I will keep cooking but I am hanging up my culinary blogging hat and just wanted to write a short note to you, my readers, to thank you for reading my blog. I enjoyed writing this blog but it is no longer where I want to spend my time. I wish you all well on your own culinary adventures and thanks again for stopping by!

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