Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Regent Bakery & Cafe

I love the peculiarity of a restaurant that serves Chinese food, even hot pot, alongside pastries, coffee and a full bar. The Regent Bakery & Cafe in Capitol Hill is a pretty restaurant. It sits on a corner with large windows, interesting light fixtures, shiny wood and soothing colors. There is a large case displaying pastries followed by a 'serve yourself' pastry section. You can pick up a tray and tongues and fill it with delicacies.

My daughter and I were seated at a table for four, on my request, so I could tuck her in next to me in the booth. The menu is expansive. It includes hot pot, a variety of soups, noodles and stir fries. At the end of the menu there are single skewers options, including salmon, beef, chicken and a handful of other options. I ordered a salmon skewer for my daughter which came out on a pretty plate with onion and bell pepper. The salmon was lightly seared on the outside and tender and flaky within. My daughter loved it and I was able to steal a small piece off her plate; it was as good as it looked.

I ordered the hot and sour soup and 'dumplings and chili', which was described as pork and shrimp wontons tossed with hot chili sauce. The hot and sour soup was a very generous bowl, I could only eat about half of it. The wontons were served sitting in a bowl of chili sauce, as if they filled the bowl with wontons and poured a giant ladle of sauce over it. The sauce was spicy, but not too much so, with a distinctive chili taste to it, as well as an underlying flavor of peanuts. It was delicious. I want to recreate it at home. The wontons, in contrast, were delicate and more subtle with a pork filling and shrimp inside each one.

On the way out I picked up four pastries. The chocolate croissant was something I will go back for. It had a strong, dark, unapologetic chocolate interior. It was a flaky croissant, the bread was not dense or thick and it did not overwhelm the chocolate as so frequently happens with croissants made in the states. There was another pastry similar to a palmier, flaky and sweet that was equally popular in our household. The pastries were all all beautiful just like the restaurant, we will return for hot pot and more pastries will be an easy way to make everyone in our household happy.

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