Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Bread and Ocean

We were down in Manzanita for a perfect windy, rainy, Oregon coast style winter weekend. We stayed inside most of the time and peered out at the thrashing trees and falling rain but we got out on the beach the first day. It wasn't raining and it was breathtakingly beautiful.

I did a moderate amount of cooking over the weekend. I made creme brulee and a few meals including pancakes and sausage for dinner one night, but we picked up take out for several meals, including an order of sandwiches from the much touted Bread and Ocean Bakery and Deli. It came highly recommended by the owner of our vacation home and seems to be well loved place.

I ordered their veggie sandwich but may I digress? Why don't vegetarian sandwiches have names in the way that meat sandwiches so frequently do? Meat, sauerkraut and swiss? You have a reuben. Turkey, bacon, lettuce and tomato? It is a club. Even when a meat sandwich is specific to a shop, they frequently give it a great name, like the dagwood at Bread and Ocean. Would there be more vegetarian sandwiches on the menu if they had exciting names?

This veggie sandwich came with herbed cream cheese, avocado, pickled red onions, cucumbers, radishes, red pepper mayo, greens on organic multigrain. It was a great sandwich. I love (and prefer) vegetarian sandwiches despite my meat eating ways. This sandwich was not a salad in a sandwich but a true sandwich with flavorful cream cheese and fresh, complimentary but not overwhelming amount and mix of vegetables.

They made a plain turkey sandwich for our kids which was devoured on sight. We should have gotten two. For my husband, the dagwood. Fra'mani smoked ham, finochiona salami, roasted red peppers, gruyere, fresh mozzarella, pepperoncinis, olive mayo on a baguette. I could smell its deliciousness from across the table and he handed it to me to verify it was as amazing as it smelled.

On the side of my sandwich came a small lentil soup that was creamy and tangy. And just to prove they are as nice and friendly as they seem, they threw in a bunch of extra cookies because they had extras.

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  1. In Australia, we call those beach grub. Those are the preferred food of many groms who spend their days near the sea and honing their surfing skills. Moving on, I like the picture of the coastline in the fog.

  2. I would make some of this for our road trip tomorrow. I'm sure we'd get hungry in the middle of the road. It's better to be ready because we might end up in the middle of nowhere without any restaurant around.

  3. I agree with you, Denise, those recipes are perfect for a road trip. Good thing they are easy to prepare, we don’t have to worry on our snacks while on the road.