Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Helsing Junction Farm

We did a CSA with Helsing Junction Farm this summer, a farm about an hour and half south of Seattle in Rochester, Washington. They send us nice emails every week describing what is going on at the farm and what we should expect to see in our boxes. It is an organic farm in a growing farm community (I read that on their website, it is an informative place). I pick up the boxes on Thursdays, one packed full of vegetables and one with fruit.

My son and daughter pepper me with questions about the contents of the boxes, the farmers, why we care where our food comes from and how it is grown. On the way there, I inevitably get drilled on what will be in the boxes, 'will there be pluots this week?' My daughter's favorite. Last week I handed my son an apple from the fruit box. He ate the whole thing, asked for a second one and declared them the best apples he has ever eaten. I love to hold a carrot in front of them and explain how it probably came out of the ground less than twenty four hours prior to its arrival in our home.

The variety is more than I thought it would be. Things show up for a couple of weeks and then disappear. Sometimes I am not ready to see them go, but they are always replaced with something new and interesting. The diversity makes it obvious that the farmers of Helsing Junction Farm did some very well thought out planning to provide a nice rotation of food for us. The corn, tomatillos, eggplants, lettuce, strawberries, apples, bok choy, radishes, tomatoes and lemon cucumbers were a few of my favorites.

The price seems competitive (I know this because I am the kind of person who occasionally runs price comparisons and I did it with my vegetable box one week) and they provide recipes for the contents of the box. They offer an early sign up discount, if you sign up before December, you get a free week and they offer several different sizes based on the needs of your household.

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