Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Alta Crystal Resort

It was one of those perfect holiday weekends; the biggest bowl of berries I have ever seen, wonderful wildflowers up on Mt.  Rainier, nice people everywhere. We even saw a bear while we were hiking up at Sunrise.

Our base was at Alta Crystal Resort on the east side of Mt. Rainier, a perfect, perfect place to stay with kids. They have a heated swimming pool, small kitchens in the suites/rooms and on Sunday night, they put on an amazing barbecue. The berries seen above, an equally impressive bowl of fresh corn, guacamole, brownies, cheesecake, cookies, mixed greens salad with feta, chips and almost anything from the grill that you could think up.

Along with the barbecue, they also light tiki torches and put out a big pile of sports equipment that everyone seemed to enjoy. Everything from soccer to badminton to horseshoes with soccer taking the lead in popularity.

Both Saturday and after the barbecue on Sunday, they put out a s'mores spread (don't you have to with a fire like that?). The s'mores setup was impressive. A pile of metal pokers and impressive bowls of marshmallows, graham crackers and chocolate all laid out on a table next to the beautiful fire that one of the owners built.

The couple who own the resort seem to really love putting on the barbecue, providing the fire, the s'mores and making their guests happy with helpful travel advice and delicious food. They just ask for donations to cover food costs, volunteering their labor and just trying to help everyone have a great vacation, which they did.

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  1. Great food. Looks like Alta Crystal Resort will be an amazing place to spend a vacation. I would love to hangout by that fire at night and roast some marshmallows.