Thursday, July 7, 2011

The Penny Ice Creamery

Ice cream sometimes leans too heavily on sugar as its selling point but that isn't the case at The Penny Ice Creamery. Instead they lean on their locally sourced organic dairy and their inventive flavors. You can almost hear the happy cows behind the walls eating grass in a large pasture. And while you can't see the cows, the ice cream making is open to public viewing.

On the day we were there they had a dozen or so flavors. They wander outside the norm offering inventive interesting flavors like earl grey. But they also keep you grounded (and make your children happy) by offering chocolate and vanilla. And if you are lactose intolerant, they offer sorbet. A daily list of flavors might include something along the lines of:

Brown Butter Spiced Pecan, Strawberry Sorbet, Chocolate Raspberry, Earl Grey, Strawberry Pink Peppercorn, Cardamom Pistachio with Chocolate Chips, Blueberry Lemon Verbena, Vanilla Bean, and Chocolate Sorbet

I love the balance of this list, there are a lot of interesting options but it is easy to be traditional if that is your whim. They also offer sundaes, various toppings, ice cream sandwiches and bon-bons.

The inside of the ice cream store is clean and modern without being cold or unwelcoming. The walls are painted a cool white and the tables made of a dark wood. There are a few interesting pieces of art on the wall but mainly you sit back, eat your ice cream and feel blissful.

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