Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Homeless Garden Project

There is an organic farm near Natural Bridges that provides CSA boxes and u-pick strawberries. It is a beautiful place to visit and we went there to pick strawberries twice during our week long stay. Along with being an urban organic CSA farm, it provides job-training for the homeless or people at risk of being homeless. It is a place that bubbles over with optimism and evidence of good people in the world.

The CSA boxes come pre-packed for you or you can pick your own. There were a handful of people out filling their own CSA boxes alongside the workers and volunteers who were maintaining the fields and planting new crops. The garden seemed very organized yet still open to creativity and new ideas. At one end was a shed (pictured below) where people would check-in for the CSA boxes. At a table (also pictured below), workers were putting together bundles of flowers and herbs.

They rang the bell as we were leaving with our second round of strawberries. Everyone left where they were working to go sit down for a shared community meal. The meals are for all the workers and anyone volunteering in the fields that day. The Homeless Garden Project is twenty years old now and may eventually move to a new location but its current home is worth a visit.

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