Sunday, June 12, 2011

Seattle Food Banks

I spend an amazing amount of time exploring food. I have piles of cook books and food magazines that I read, I look at recipes online and I cook! We regularly go out to eat at new restaurants and return to restaurants that we have enjoyed in the past. I love going to specialty food shops, farmers markets and even just plain old grocery stores. In all this though, I realize that I am extraordinarily lucky. I don't have to worry about feeding my children or myself. Our friends and families all have the means to provide for themselves.

However, many struggle to merely put food on their tables.  Northwest Harvest is running a campaign right now, in its third year called stock the pantry. Food insecurity can be more pronounced in the summer as subsidized schools lunches can remove the one balanced meal that a child might be eating. Stock the Pantry is an effort to help families out for the summer months. But Northwest Harvest provides food for people who need assistance all year round. They serve 2000 individuals on a full service day and it is the busiest food bank in Washington state. We try to regularly give to organizations like Northwest Harvest. You can give online and the small donations really do add up, imagine if everyone budgeted a small percentage of their food budget for food banks. It would make an amazing difference.

Here is a more complete list of all Local Seattle Food Assistance Programs.

And here is a search program for food banks.

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