Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Park Place Deli

Park Place Deli sits in the hub of Madison Park. The menu offers a good selection of sandwiches (including grilled and panini options), soups, salads and a kids menu. There is a display case which is often empty but was displaying a nice potato salad with a grainy dijon vinaigrette decorating it and fruit salad when I was last there. The man taking orders was friendly and patiently offered to make up any sandwich I wanted in 'kids size'. It is a great place to pick up sandwiches right before you head over to the park or beach. You can eat at one of the picnic benches or you can stay in the deli where there are tables inside and out. The sandwiches come with chips and there is a case of drinks available.

The pastrami sandwich (shown above) was a beautiful sandwich but the pastrami was a thickly sliced mild pastrami. I prefer the thinly sliced pastrami that is on the spicy side and this wasn't it. Most food in Madison Park seems to tend towards very little spice and it ends up a little bland. The guacamole at Cactus, all the Thai food served at Thai Ginger; and now the pastrami sandwich at Park Place Deli have all fallen into that category. But the sandwich was piled nicely with cheese, tomatoes, lettuce and a horseradish spread (instead of dijon or russian dressing). The sandwich suffered from bread that was just a touch dry but it still offered enough to be satisfying.

The veggie sandwich (below) did a better job with cream cheese (or hummus if you prefer) and a very generous pile of vegetables including avocados, cucumbers, lettuce, sprouts, tomatoes, red onions and red peppers. This is a salad served as a sandwich which I love. It was delicious, filling and satisfying. It is not a deli that I would go out of my way to get to but if you are in Madison Park looking for a sandwich this is a reasonable place to stop in at.

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