Monday, May 16, 2011

Mel's Diner

Mel's Diner on Tamiana Trail North might give you a flashback to Bob's Big Boy in Los Angeles. There is a cut out character in the lobby but it doesn't have a corporate feel. They seat you fast, get you the menus and deliver drinks before you can even think of getting impatient. The ice tea is amazing. Sweetened or not they will ask you and then out comes a giant glass of delicious lipton ice tea with lemon.

The menu offers endless choices. Sandwiches, burgers, ribs, country-fried steaks, salads and blue plate specials! Every table is a booth, the waitresses look like they could have been transported from the 1950s and you can momentarily pretend that you don't know anything about saturated fat, salt or daily fruit and vegetable requirements.

Mel's Fish Sandwich is a large breaded and fried piece of fish served with tarter sauce on a hoagie. It is like eating fish n'chips as a sandwich. The bread ended up being overkill (it was abandoned to the side of the plate) and it might be better just served as fish n'chips. But it came through, providing a crispy exterior and moist flaky fish interior. The Buffalo Chicken Sandwich is an amazingly generous sandwich. Served on a hogie, it is breaded and fried and served with sauce and blue cheese. The sandwich was a little dry, suffering from dry bread and not enough sauce so maybe ask for some on the side if you order it. Both sandwiches come with a classic tasty coleslaw and french fries. The fries were medium cut in size and crispy but as always, they could have been a little crispier.

This is not a restaurant for the faint of heart, go when you are in the mood for a greasy diner and a ridiculous amount of food. It also seems like a great place for a big group, they have giant booths that look like they could seat 8. While the ideas were all good the execution could be improved a little (slightly more sauce, spread that blue cheese out, serve that fish sandwich on sliced french bread) but it was a good dining experience and we will return next time we are in Naples.

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