Friday, May 13, 2011

Grain de Cafe

Grain de Cafe, like almost everything in the area, sits in a strip mall. Coming from Seattle I am not used to this, but once inside you are greeted by a beautiful, brightly lit cafe with an almost artistically beautiful display of pastries. It is difficult to walk in there and not purchase something, the patries call out to you and you can tell someone put a lot of care and skill into creating them.

We found this place on our first morning in Naples, when we were out looking for good coffee. We found it at Grain de Cafe, along with some delicious pastries. They have other items too that make up a brunch menu, but we stuck to lattes and pastries.

The woman that helped me was super friendly and happily answered the questions that I peppered her with about the various pastries. We tried their chocolate croissant on our first visit and bought one every morning for the rest of our trip. The layers are super thin, buttery and light, reminding me of the croissants we ate in Paris. And in no way does it resemble those thick bready croissant atrocities that seems to be everywhere in the states. We also tried a mixed berry scone and a raisin brioche. The scone and brioche were both good but the croissant was our favorite along with the consistently good lattes.

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