Monday, May 30, 2011


The bagels at Eltana in Capitol Hill are smaller than most, covered in seeds (top and bottom) and blissfully chewy. In general bagels seem best toasted but these bagels really shine toasted. If you go to Eltana and order a bagel it will be served toasted without you requesting it.  A big bag of bagels brought to our home was our first introduction to Eltana. The size of the bagels puzzled us as did the fact that the bagels really need to be toasted. We started out skeptical but our affection for the bagels grew as we worked our way through the bag. Then a good friend prodded me to go there and eat the other things on the menu. This friend loves food but she does not exaggerate and she described it as "Amazing!" with serious intensity so off we went.

The shop has huge windows and wood tables and a beautiful looking display of bagels visible through a glass case. Just bagels, but they are all this beautiful golden color and there is a stack of wood (wood-fired bagels...). The end effect is similar to a high end yet rustic bakery. It is exciting just to stand there and stare at the pile of beautiful bagels. The menu is short and sweet, soups, salads and various spreads for your bagel. They serve espresso and are even open in the evening with a slightly different menu available.

The Lebanese lentil soup contains a thin broth with firm but fully cooked lentils, greens (grape leaves, we guessed) and beautiful bright red/orange droplets of oil in the bowl (see below).  It was packed full of flavor but without being spicy (which the man working the register had correctly described when I questioned him). The everything bagel with garlic spread, in contrast, was spicy and the flavor and tang of it was very intense. Unless you love garlic, this would not be for you, but if you do, you might fall in love. Their plain cream cheese, if that is your preference, has a whipped texture but is heavier than most. It has a nice strong flavor to it and is equally satisfying. On two different visits there was a slight difference in the lattes. One was extraordinary with a creamy texture and a perfect coffee flavor. On a second visit, the latte was good but not quite as amazing. The food however, was consistently great on both visits.

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