Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Top Pot Donuts in Capitol Hill

Top Pot Donuts in Capitol Hill on a Sunday morning met us with a short line of people dressed completely in black looking bored and in need of coffee. We took six donuts home for a weekend treat. Two glazed, a bavarian cream, a chocolate sprinkle (pictured above), a feather boa (pink icing with coconut sprinkles, pictured below) and Valley Girl Lemon (lemon filling, powdered top). Delicious donuts with a nice cake interior and sweet glistening frosting. The Valley Girl Lemon was like a Bavarian Cream in structure, glazed and with a creamy lemon filling.

On a separate visit we brought home another bavarian cream and an apple fritter along with two sandwiches. If you are so inclined you can veer away from a meal solely comprised of sugar and caffeine and have a sandwich! We picked up a chipotle turkey and a plain turkey, both on slice sourdough. The sandwiches were better left in the case. Labeling one of them chipotle was accurate if a bit of an exaggeration. It did have a very light spread of chipotle mayonnaise but it was definitely not the predominant taste, just a small addition of flavor, which there wasn't too much of. They did have a definite pre-made taste to them and with the mass supply of great food available around Capitol Hill I am not sure it makes sense to purchase these sandwiches. The apple fritter, however, was delicious as was this second and very dependable bavarian cream.

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