Sunday, April 10, 2011

Scooter's Burgers & Shakes

Scooter's Burgers in Ballard is a tiny little place with a row of stools, seating maybe 10 people. The menu sits on the wall and offers classic burgers, chicken sandwiches, veggie burgers and add-ons like grilled mushrooms, pesto and blue cheese for the sandwiches. They offer combos with fries including a combo for kids at a reduced price. They have shakes with an impressive number of flavors (14). Their mini shake is less than $2, which is small but enough to satisfy if you just want a little treat.

We ordered a chicken sandwich combo, a cheeseburger combo, two kids burger combos and two mini chocolate shakes. The fries were somewhere between thin and thick fries and a nice golden color. They were good but not outstanding because our family motto is 'the crispier the better' when it comes to french fries. While they were crisp, they were not super crisp and had a bit of floppiness to them. I know the debate on floppy versus crisp is a long one though and not something I will go into here.

The burger was delicious with fresh vegies piled on and despite the relatively thin patty, it was not over cooked maintaining a slight pinkness in the center! The mayo topping was lacking a little, I would have preferred pure mayonnaise and ketchup as this mix had something else in it that didn't have the best flavor. The chicken sandwich had a thin breast, a straightforward chicken sandwich with the only flaw being that the chicken was a touch dry. The fries were served with small containers of ketchup and tartar sauce. The kids combos were generous with a large serving of fries, good-sized burgers and milk. Despite the small missteps, it is still a stand up burger joint and it has enough good things to offer that we will be eating at Scooter's again. I want to try a burger with pesto as an add-on as well as their onion rings. They are also offering 13 other flavors of shakes that we are interested in trying.

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