Sunday, March 13, 2011

Seattle Knife Sharpening Service

My favorite knife was given to me by a good friend, it is very light and feels comfortable in my hand. It is also my favorite and most frequently used kitchen tool. All of my knives were hopelessly dull though so I did some research online for local knife sharpening services and Seattle Knife Sharpening Service run by Bob Tate seemed to have a good reputation. We had also heard good things about the service through some friends. One of their knives had been left in a slightly dull state but the rest were had been nicely sharpened. Taking the one dull blade as a fluke, I decided to give Bob a try. We live in Capitol Hill, so after boxing up my knives I headed over to the local UPS store on the corner of Broadway and East Pike and dropped them off. There are two other locations for drop-off and you can also mail them to him if you live out of the area.

A couple of days later I came home to a message on my machine telling me my knives were ready. He also said that he didn't sharpen the paring knife and then he instructed me to throw it away. The way he talked about the paring knife made me envision Bob staring at that knife and just shaking his head. And when I got the box back and looked at the knife, I got what he was saying. I never really noticed just how bent it was so I followed Bob's instructions and threw it away. Whatever your knife sin is, Bob will find out and ask you to cleanse yourself of it. The friends who referred us were berated for not using the steel on their knives enough.

Bob did a great job on my knives, they are all shiny and sharp. Now that I've crossed over to having super sharp knives in my kitchen, it seems like it will be hard to go back. My step-dad keeps my mom's knives nice and sharp but he was in Florida and unable to sharpen my knives so I went with Bob. I would suggest you give him a try if you feel like your knives aren't living up to their potential.


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  2. Does this service also cater to non-cooking knives such as outdoor and survival knives?

  3. I believe they do. They have a list of specialty blade sharpening prices listed on their website, viewable here.

  4. I have my own collection of knives from simple kitchen knife to a much more compelling buck knife. Sharpening is important to make them last a lifetime preventing the proliferation of rusts. Honestly, I don't sharpen my knives. I usually take them to the sharpening services shop to ensure the integrity of the blades.

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