Thursday, March 31, 2011

Barracuda Taqueria

There is an amazing amount of good Mexican food in and around my hometown (Santa Cruz, California) and as good as La Carta de Oaxaca is, there really is no comparison in Seattle. Barracuda Taqueria was the most recent Mexican restaurant (in a long list) that didn't meet my expectations. If I could fly down to Santa Cruz and bring you some fish tacos, or a carnitas burrito from one of the local Taquerias, you would raise your hand to the sky and start cursing the lack of good Mexican food in Seattle.

At Barracuda, we ordered chips and guacamole, the kids quesadilla, a picadillo taco, a carnitas taco, a chicken mole taco and a chipotle brisket taco. A very generous basket was  delivered to our table full of hot and crisp golden chips. With it came a bowl of smooth and tangy salsa and fresh guacamole that I liked but that my husband thought was lacking. The kids quesadilla was a beautiful golden color  (picture above) with bright orange cheddar oozing out the sides. It was as delicious  as it looks with a crunchy exterior and moist melted cheese. The Picadillo Taco was ground beef served with chunks of potatoes and it was full of spice and flavor.  It was decorated with salsa fresca and cheese.

The other three tacos were all very similar in taste. The chipotle spiced brisket really had no chipotle taste to it at all. It was moist and dripping, with caramelized onions sprinkled on top, but without a chipotle flavor. The chicken had a very faint mole taste to it. Even the carnitas could have been carved from a roast prepared anywhere but Mexico.

This restaurant seems like it could fix this issue without too much work and I hope they do because I loved a lot of things about Barracuda. The chips were fantastic, the salsa was delicious, the service was great, the restaurant is cheery and unique and all constructs of the taco (with the exception of the meat) were excellent.

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