Saturday, February 26, 2011

Hi-Spot Cafe

Hi-Spot in Madrona is the original restaurant in an old house. When you walk in you are greeted by the (other) iconic Seattle image, a small friendly coffee shop. You can stop right there and get some espresso, pastries and/or food to go. On a late afternoon, right before closing the barista made me a decaf Americano that was the beautiful color of ink with the telltale foam on top that lets you know it will be a good one before you even take a sip. If you want to sit down and eat at a table you can venture over to the bottom of the stairs and the host or hostess will seat you in the main eating area up on the second level. The space feels a little awkward, kind of like they stuffed a bunch of tables into an old house which is what they did. But for Hi-Spot it somehow works. Once tucked into your little table the service will be fast and efficient.

For brunch I ordered a custom omelet with mushrooms, tomatoes and cheddar cheese. The omelet contained perfectly cooked mushrooms, cut up chunks of tomatoes and tasty cheddar cheese with perfect proportions of everything. The insides didn't overwhelm the egg and the egg wasn't too thick and didn't overwhelm the omelet fillings. The potatoes were good but weren't spectacular. They just tasted like classic breakfast potatoes with some burnt pieces that took away from their glamour. On the plate were two little dishes, one filled with raspberry jam and one with ketchup. The English muffin was dry (no butter!) and when I asked the waitress she said the butter should be on the table but was not. She said this apologetically and rushed off to get some butter but the English muffin was no longer warm at this point so the effect of melted foaming butter on a hot English muffin was lost. This is the second breakfast place that I have eaten at recently that doesn't butter the bread in the kitchen. I don't believe in this. Buttering of the bread should occur when the bread is hot.

The blackberry scone that day had a dense cake texture on the inside with delicious blackberries mixed in. It has been sprinkled very generously with sugar before being baked, adding a lightly caramelized crust on the outside. This created that perfect golden sugary crust that you can break off and chew on. On another visit the blackberry scone had less caramelized crust. I prefer the sugared exterior but the scone was still soft ]with a moist berry topping (pictured above). They have a cinnamon roll that has crunchy sweet nuts with oozing cinnamon sugar. We brought one home and split it up for dessert after dinner.

The Cobb Salad (also pictured above) comes with big chunks of chicken, tomatoes, hard-boiled egg, blue cheese, delicious fresh lettuce and chunks of avocado. The Cobb Salad has everything right. Fresh, well-balanced, with a creamy dressing with just the right amount of each item added to the salad. It is easy to pick up a single bite with multiple components and the right amount of dressing. You are not left with too much lettuce or an overwhelming amount of one item that ends up pushed to the side because consuming it would fade the other components to the background. It is one of the better Cobb Salads I have eaten.

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