Saturday, February 5, 2011

Green Leaf Vietnamese Restaurant


Dinner at Green Leaf Vietnamese restaurant brought us the Grilled Chicken Skewer, Fried Flour Cake (pan-fried w/egg and green onion), Vermicilli with Grilled Beef in Lop Leaf, Stir-Fried Mixed Vegetables and Salted Pepper Tofu along with a generous serving of rice. The Grilled Chicken Skewer was adorned with grilled onions, green onions and jicama and carrots sticks which showed up on several dishes. The chicken skewer was well prepared but was a bit bland without any strong flavor or spice to it. The Fried Flour Cake tasted like compacted rice noodles, breaded and deep fried. It was served sprinkled with egg, green onions and the jicama and carrot sticks along with an overly sweetened soy sauce for dipping. This dish earned mixed reviews. I loved it, but admittedly it is a congealed, breaded, fried mass of rice noodles with a gummy bear type texture. It is not for everyone and after reading my description, I'm not sure why I liked it but somehow I did. The sauce was the weakest link, it would be so easy to serve a better sauce, perhaps something slightly thicker and made with chilis. 

The Vermicilli with Grilled Beef in Lop Leaf was sweeter than expected and the dish suffered because of it. The beef mixture inside the Lop Leaf was tangy and sweet with the Lop Leaf adding an interesting texture bite to the ground meat inside. The beef was the best part of the dish as the rest was overwhelmed by the (in my opinion) too sweet sauce. The Mixed Vegetables were great, bright green, still crunchy with a light sauce coating them. The Salted Pepper Tofu was made of large soft chunks of tofu wrapped in a coating that lived up to its name, peppery and salty. The exterior was not crunchy but had a slightly more chewy texture than the soft tofu it encased. This was the best dish in the mix and had great flavor and texture that was enhanced by the fried vegetables mixed into the dish.
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