Monday, February 21, 2011

Fremont Wine Warehouse

The Fremont Wine Warehouse is full of reasonably priced delicious wines from all over the world.  It is on Fremont Avenue North near the original Homegrown and the general wonderfulness that is Fremont. This is a small shop so there are fewer choices than what you would find at Esquin but it is a happy wine store with great choices and a wonderful manager. The wines are displayed for easy browsing with descriptions and recommendations of some of the wines posted above the bottles. Last Saturday morning happy jazz played on the sound system and the manager, Michael Cawdrey, greeted me as I wandered in the door. After I declined help saying I just wanted to browse he went back to prepping for a tasting until I asked for assistance.

There are a lot of reasons to stop by the Fremont Wine Warehouse but the single most important reason (outside of buying wine...) is so you can talk to Michael Cawdrey. He is extremely knowledgeable and will happily share as much or as little of his wine smarts with you as you want. He is very friendly without offering any sales pressure and cares about wine and happy customers. Most of the bottles in the shop are between 9 and 25 dollars with a small section of sparkling wines and champagne and another (smaller) section with dessert wines. On my last visit I picked up a case taking advantage of the 15% discount that is offered for any 12 bottles, they also offer a 10% discount on 6 bottles.

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  1. Cool! There areva few bottles that we really like but find hard to find.

    We'll check it out.