Thursday, February 10, 2011

Columbia City Bakery

The super chocolate chip cookies from Columbia City Bakery are soft and chewy with an amazing amount of chocolate chips. We picked up a bag that lasted about two days and they had good lasting power, the quality stayed high even on the second day. The bakery serves several lunch options, delicious breads, pastries, cookies, espresso and there is a wall of goodies to take home like granola and jams. Their cinnamon twist (center picture) has a flaky cinnamon sugar coating that sprinkles down with each crunchy sweet bite. The chocolate chip cookies are delicious but the cinnamon twist feels like a special occasion treat. 

If you love pretzels they have classic pretzels, pretzel knots and pretzel dogs which are smooth with a beautiful dark golden chewy exterior and soft bready interior. Our family is familiar with the pretzel as it is also available next to the cash register at Rain Shadow Meats. They make a pear danish which melts in your mouth with a delicate croissant pastry, creamy and lightly tangy cheese filling and two soft pear slices on top. The first time I had the pear danish it was sweet and delicious but the second time it was amazing. I'm not sure where the quality difference came from but the pastry was even more delicate and the cheese and pears more soft and succulent on second try. They make many other delicious pastries like their  lovely chocolate croissant, with nice strong dark chocolate in the middle of a classic croissant.

Their seeded baguettes are loaded with a variety of seeds including fennel which adds an interesting and unexpected flavor. Their quiche lately has featured chevre. The chevre didn't meld with the quiche, it almost seemed like someone had made a nice quiche and then applied a thick layer of chevre on top. It wasn't my favorite but there are so many other delicious options available. It is a beautiful little bakery with light golden wood everywhere and beautiful pastries on display. Usually when we go in we order some things, eat them and then order one or two more because we notice something that we can't pass up.
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  1. I was driving down to Auto Zone today and I drove past Columbia City Bakery. I thought to myself "That's where that is" and decided to hit it on the way back.

    Very cool place. I was actually thinking of this blog entry when I walked in. We've always loved their crusty white bread that they sell at the Capitol Hill Farmer's Market. I picked up some of that and two little sandwich baguettes.

    But the treat of the day was their peanut butter and jelly cookies. A crumbly, yet moist peanut butter cookie with a smack of a homemade jelly in the center. After paying and eating the one cookie I bought, I turned around before leaving the store and bought the last two. So next time you're in, check them out! You'll be in for a treat