Monday, January 31, 2011

West Seattle Farmers Market - Winter

West Seattle Farmers Market is a small, intimate dinner party with beautiful food and friendly company. We stopped by and picked up beets, potatoes, carrots, bread, apples, pears and smoked salmon. The vendors offer up helpful advice on their wares and friendly service. It was suggested to throw a few pears in the fridge since they would most likely all come ripe at once. And for determining when they are ripe, he said instead of watching for a color change like with some varieties we should press gently on the top. When it is soft, they are ready for consumption. We will probably ignore the storage advice since pears are consumed at an amazing rate in our house. 

The Amish Bay Meat vendor tried to make our kids laugh and everyone offered us up samples which provided entertainment for the tots and let us try the offerings. It makes a nice Sunday morning activity that results in a bounty of local food. 

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