Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Shanghai Garden

We picked up Dry Sauteed Strings Beans with Chicken, Szechuan Eggplant in Hot Garlic Sauce, Chicken Fried Rice and Mongolian Beef as take-out. The sauteed string beans were excellent. They were still crunchy but fully cooked with the right amount of minced chicken and sauce. The beans tasted good if you ate one individually and even better with some of the ground up chicken mixed into the bite. We've had them before and they have always been good. The Chicken Fried Rice had egg, green onion, chicken, corn and peas. The green onions and egg were delicious and the mildness of the dish allowed you to really taste each of the items that were mixed in. The chicken was soft, stringy and tender. The Mongolian Beef was not bad but it was served with the beef mix dumped over the noodles. This made them soggy and it would be so easy to serve the noodles on one side of the platter and the beef on the other, particularly for take-out where it takes a bit longer for items to get consumed. It was laden with long strips of green onions which were great, red peppers and the beef. The beef was sliced very thin, possibly too thin. It had a good flavor but the thin beef and soggy noodles didn't help the dish. It might be better eaten in the restaurant. The szechuan eggplant was just bad. It was about 1/3 water chestnuts, 1/3 eggplant and 1/3 heavy, gooey sauce. Sticking a fork in and picking out an individual piece of eggplant after letting some sauce drip off it were the only edible bites in the dish. The water chestnuts dominated the dish when they should have been a small component.  Then there is the sauce. It was very cloying. It overwhelmed everything else in the dish except for the water chestnuts.

On other visits we've had the Mu Shu Pork and Meat Dumplings, both excellent. Bite into soft vegetable and juicy pork mixture dripping with tangy plum sauce in a soft pancake and your taste buds will hum. The dumplings, that we have ordered fried and steamed, were both great. The steamed dumplings have their own appeal, they are so soothing and filling. The fried dumplings make more of a statement and are classic, delicious fried meat dumplings served just the way they should be.

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