Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Kate's Greek & American Deli

Lunch at Kate's was a falafel gyro and a meat gyro with greek fries. The greek fries were perfectly cooked, super hot thin fries smothered in a chunky feta dressing. The dressing tasted like it contained some mix of olive oil, vinegar, oregano, salt, pepper and feta. Each bite provided a salty, cheesy coated french fry heaven. The falafel and meat gyros both came on top of a big soft pita, romaine lettuce and chunks of tomato. The meat in the gyro was thinly sliced and a mix (it seemed) of lamb and beef. The meat was flavorful but a touch dry and not as sizzling hot as a meat gyro should be but still a good sandwich. The falafels were flat and bigger than a ping pong ball.  The falafels had excellent texture, moist inside, chewable and crispy on the outside with nice falafel flavor. The gyros were huge, smothered in tzaziki sauce and very satisfying.

Our kids had a grilled cheese sandwich and chicken fingers, both with fries. The cheese sandwich was a classic grilled cheese without any frills and without any problems. The chicken fingers were deep fried with a lot of breaded coating, maybe a little too much. The fries were the same fries that came with the greek order minus the extras and the kids seemed happy with everything, including the bright, cheery atmosphere and friendly waitresses.

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