Sunday, January 23, 2011


Delicious menu with sandwiches to suite any taste except the generic. After ordering you sit down or wander around Melrose Market until your sandwich is ready. You can buy some cheese, meat, flowers or stare at the menu for Sitka & Spruce longingly. Suddenly your sandwich is ready, fresh and there isn't a guilty bite present because the ingredients are all from local and sustainable sources. Pictured from top to bottom; the "Reuben Redefined" came on  rye bread with tangy sauerkraut, a pungent cheese and melt in your mouth pastrami. It is a solid and subtle reuben, not overwhelming but still fulfilling. With a nice bottle of cold beer, it will provide a happy sandwich moment in your hectic life.

The crab cake BLT came on a gorgeous brown bun sprinkled with sesame seeds. A large crab cake sat in the middle with a couple of strips of delicious bacon, slices of avocado, some mixed greens and two spreads. This sandwich is decadent but down to earth at the same time. The crab cake was delicious, golden on the outside with moist crab filling inside. The bacon and avocado added a lot of intensity to the sandwich. Upon finishing the sandwich I felt totally stuffed, it is that kind of sandwich and almost a little too heavy. The bun was beautiful and delicious but I felt like it overwhelmed the sandwich a little bit because of its size. The spreads on the sandwich, chimichurri and hazelnut romesco gave the sandwich a complicated but interesting spin making it a little spicy and extra tasty. 

The Meatloaf BLT is one of the most delicious sandwiches I have ever eaten. It is perfectly constructed with soft and slightly spicy meatloaf, cheese, tomatoes, more hazelnut romesco, horseradish dijon, lots of lettuce and white cheddar. The meatloaf is listed as jalapeno meatloaf but it was just mildly spicy. Bite into chewy bread, partially melted cheddar, succulent meatloaf, a pile of delicious fresh lettuce and soft tomatoes. The texture, taste and balance of this sandwich is exquisite. 

Last but possibly least was a spicy pork sandwich which was a daily special. It had more of a bite to it than any of the other sandwiches and that helped but this sandwich had a couple of problems. The meat didn't really shine through and the arugula created stringy bites. I hate biting into a sandwich and having to pull out shreds of any substance, it creates kind of an unpleasant chewing sensation. Bear in mind, this sandwich is still a hundred times better than sandwiches at husky deli in west seattle if you want a comparison but compared to the meatloaf it fades a bit.

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  1. I love The Melrose Market. Homegrown, and Rainshadow Meats are some of my places to shop and eat in Capitol Hill. Seattle Magazine's Top 48 Sandwiches features The Crabcake BLT that you write about.

    Did you know that Taylor Shellfish is opening a retail place in the Melrose Market as well? Melrose Market is going to become a one stop shopping destination for premium meats and shellfish! Read about it on Taylor Shellfish's Twitter here:!/oysterbill/status/22652679067013125

    You can read about my lunch with Oyster Bill from Taylor Shellfish here:

    Great entry, Sonia! Looking forward to reading more

  2. Thanks for sharing, I love that you are eating through the sandwich list! That is great about Taylor Shellfish, I love Melrose Market as you can probably tell from my blog entries.