Thursday, January 13, 2011

Dan Sung Sa - Vancouver

We picked up takeout from Dan Sung Sa while we were in Vancouver over New Years. We ordered Bulgogi (beef), a bbq chicken with vegetables and gyoza. It was a 20 minute wait for take-out which is reasonable and it was ready when we got there.

The gyoza pastry were burnt on one side and somehow slightly uncooked on the other. They also seem like they could have come frozen from trader joe's. The filling was indiscernible due to the disaster that was wrapped around it. The sauce that it came with didn't seem to have vinegar in it so essentially this dish had no redeeming qualities. The rice that came with the two entrees was perfectly cooked. Moist but but not soggy, sticky but not gluey. The bulgogi was a little bland and the meat was kind of gristly. It could have been improved with higher quality meat and a stronger marinade. Also, this was very wet bulgogi. It must have been cooked in a skillet in the marinade instead of marinated and then grilled. So depending on your preference you may or may not like this style. The bbq chicken was the best dish (outside of the rice). The sauce was flavorful, the chicken a mixture of dark and white meat with perfectly cooked vegetables mixed in.

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