Thursday, January 6, 2011

Art's Place

Art's Place is a serious throwback to the past. Vinyl seats, flowered wallpaper on the wall, fringed lamps hanging from the ceiling. Most of the other customers were over the age of 60. We were there at 12:30 on Sunday and there was a lot of discussion on what had happened at church that morning. There was also this odd conversation occurring behind us where the people kept using the phrases 'shut up' and 'stupid'. It was such a funny dichotomy with the rest of the setting.

The menu is covered with predictable kid-friendly food. On the table were napkin dispensers, the menus, cream, salt and pepper along with refilled bottles of ketchup that have been refilled so many times they no longer have the labels and the caps were slightly rusty. The service was pretty attentive. Our coffee cups filled repeatedly, so often that even Mr. Pink would be satisfied. We ordered a club, a Mexican burger, a vegie sandwich and a turkey and cheese sandwich, all on white bread. The sandwiches were served on something similar to wonder bread. The bread was lightly toasted. The vegie sandwich was decorated with two slices of cheese which seemed like kraft singles. The vegies on it, tomatoes, iceberg lettuce, cucumbers and onions were all super fresh and crisp. My two year old daughter loved her vegie sandwich and fries. The club was piled with turkey and bacon but was pretty bland. My husband described the Mexican burger as 'just okay'. This is very predictable, straight-forward food. The side salads were the vegies found on my daughters sandwich in larger quantity placed in a bowl. The salad dressing served with the side salads was Kraft packets. I think this might be a good place to eat breakfast and I wish we could try it. I would return here for lunch if I had something specific on the menu that I wanted or if I wanted to get my daughter that vegie sandwich again or if I was taking someone out who wanted quiet food.

My head spun just a little bit at how easy it would be to turn this place into a line out the door diner. But then where would everyone go after church?

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