Monday, November 8, 2010


Repast is a small coffee shop in Mount Baker. I am frequently there eating quiche and drinking tea or coffee. My two year old daughter has consumed many glasses of milk at Repast and swears by the chocolate croissants and blueberry muffins. They serve lunch, pre-made sandwiches (or made to order), made to order salads, quiche and an assortment of pastries along with a variety of juices, coffee and tea. All the pastries are made on site, fresh daily. The tea is Harney & Sons. Your food will be served to you on real dishes and they will bring things to your table after you order at the counter.

They usually have two types of quiche. Sometimes it has a custard texture and sometimes the eggs are more prominent. Today I had a tomato and zucchini quiche which had a creamy custard consistency. The crust was flaky, thin and perfect. There are usually several different sandwiches available, ham, dill chicken, turkey and classic plain baguette sandwiches as well.

There is a small bin of toys that there really isn't room for but they have it there anyway which I think is sweet. There are small potted plants in old tea tins on the windowsills. Outdoor seating on the sidewalk in front is available if the weather permits. It is a wonderful place to stop and take a break from whatever it is you need a break from.

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