Saturday, November 6, 2010


Feieraband is a German pub in south lake union. They have what they describe as traditional german food and what I described as a nice selection of on tap German beers. There are big wooden tables that you will probably share with other people but they are set up in a way that you can still sit and have your own meal and conversation. It is a loose pub environment with sometimes dismissive, sometimes super friendly wait staff. There are usually only two guys working in the kitchen but the food comes out fast. There are a couple of discreet televisions playing sports on the wall. They serve hard alcohol along with their beer but it is definitely not their specialty. If you look around the room you will see every table covered with ludicrously large glasses of beer. The beer comes in three sizes, .3 L, .5 L and 1 L sizes all served in authentic glassware.

Our first lunch at Feieraband consisted of an attentive waiter, two of the great eighteen on tap german beers, a sub-par beet salad and a sub-par chicken sandwich. Our second lunch was an attentive waiter, three great on tap german beers, some 'so weird they were interesting' deep fried pickles and a sub-par salmon caesar that was a special. Our dinner was a waitress that took our orders but turned away before we finished talking (repeatedly), two great on tap german beers, some great french fries and a pounded pork cutlet sandwich with coleslaw that was odd.

They serve a lot of their dishes with these strongly flavored mustard and ketchup mixes that are sometimes dumped over the food and sometimes not. There might be a method to this but I didn't see it. I saw an order of fries with ketchup spilled haphazardly on top and my order with ketchup on the side, in a  little dish. Their beet salad was just kind of flavorless. It doesn't seem super hard to make a good beet salad but this one managed to be both dry and bland minus the few delicious bites of beets, cheese and nuts (most of it was undressed lettuce leaves). The chicken sandwich was not bad but just extremely plain. The deep fried pickles were breaded and deep fried, served with their ever present mustards. I liked the pickles but I love pickles in general and I also love mustard so I state this with trepidation on the risk that it is taken as a general recommendation.

The food just isn't that good here but I still like this place. I like the beer, the low-key environment. I like the fried pickles because they are weird. They have a good pretzel and great french fries. Go for the beer and eat some food if you need to.

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